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Customs brokerage for import/export

The Group provides efficient logistics services. Equipped with the documents used for customs clearance at major customs check points nationwide, and with the relevant expertise, our staffs are stationed at the various customs check points in Shenzhen, i.e. the check points in Huanggang, Man Kam To, Shenzhen Bay, Yantian, Shekou and at the airport, providing one-to-one service to customers in matters of customs clearance, insurance, foreign exchange settlement and tax rebate, as well as representing customers in import/export matters.   We have a very good credibility rating at customs offices, and we assist customers in lowering intermediate costs and business risks, raising efficiency in import/export. 

Our service includes:

1.    Imported goods for which we provide customs broking service: red wines, vehicle accessories, chemical raw materials, medical equipment, raw materials, timber, electronic goods, etc.

2.    Exported goods for which we provide customs broking service: consignment subject to customs inspection, machinery, cosmetics, foods, etc.

3.    On behalf of customers, submitting goods, such as plants, for inspection, applying for O Certificate, and securing inspection certificate before freight forwarding, fume disinfection certificate, Import certificate for textile goods, FORM A/E/M/D, certificate of origin, etc.